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          Product Availability

          Why We Always have Product Available

          The question of whether there is enough merchandise availability to support TJX’s continued growth has been asked of us since we opened our first stores over 40 years ago. Today, with more than 4,300 stores and growing, our answer remains the same – availability of quality product has never been an issue! During our 40-plus years in business, we have built a flexible, value-driven, “global sourcing machine.” We have approximately 1,100 Associates in our buying organization, operate buying offices in 12 countries, and source product from more than 100 countries. With our global buying presence, our expansive vendor universe, which numbers over 21,000 vendors, and $39 billion in sales in 2018, we have great confidence in our ability to source quality product for our growing store base.

          We believe we have some of the best, mutually beneficial vendor relationships in the retail industry. We are constantly working to strengthen our existing relationships and develop new ones. In 2018, we continued to add new vendors and expand our global sourcing network. Our buyers are in the marketplace throughout the year, and with “no walls” between departments in our stores, we can shift merchandise categories to take advantage of market opportunities and adjust to changing consumer preferences. We are able to buy in many different ways and believe that we are an extremely attractive and important resource for vendors. We are typically willing to purchase less-than-full assortments of items, styles, and sizes, as well as quantities ranging from small to very large. We pay promptly, and we generally do not ask for typical retail concessions, such as advertising, promotional, or return allowances. Finding an exciting mix of quality products for our stores has never been an issue for us, and we are confident that it will not be in the future. Further, we believe that we will continue to be a sought-after business resource for vendors throughout the world.

          May 2019