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          Our Communities

          Helping Build Better Futures

          For more than four decades, delivering great value to our customers has been at the core of our business. In fact, providing value and caring for others have helped define our culture over the years and these principles extend beyond the walls of our stores and into our local communities around the world. As we considered where our community initiatives could have the most impact, it was important to us to focus on the intersection of these principles and areas of need for vulnerable families. Our global community mission is simple:

          Deliver great value to our communities by helping vulnerable families and children access the resources and opportunities they need to build a better future.


          We bring our community relations mission to life by focusing our giving on four social impact areas that we believe are critical to helping families and children succeed and thrive.

          In addition to our key impact areas, we also support our communities when unexpected disasters strike.


          We are a global business with stores located in thousands of communities around the world. There are several ways in which we organize our support:

          Impact from our 2017 Giving and In-Store Fundraising